Statue of Unity

The statue of unity is made in memory of Iron man “Sardar vallabhbhai Patel” who served as first prime minister of India. This great sculpture located at kevadiya colony facing sardar sarovar dam nearby Narmada River. Statue of unity is biggest statue in the world with the height of 167 meter of sculpture and 25 meter of base with total height of 182 meter (597 ft), which is twice bigger than “statue of liberty” (US) and 23 meter taller than china’s spring temple Buddha statue. This great example of construction estimated around 3000cr Indian rupees.

Total construction took 42 months to complete the work, Turner Consultant needs to supervise this project with Michael Graves and associates and Meinhardt group, maintaining safety, follow construction methodology, and selection on contractor. Larsen &Toubro, Indian Infrastructure Company won the contract and L&T employed around 3000 workers and 250 engineers for this project. This statue is capable to tolerate extreme pressure of wind, earthquake, and flood.

There are lot of different techniques and methods been used to frame this statue to tolerate different type of wind flow, flood and earthquake. Unique type of concrete and process applied to build this statue. In other words world’s best engineers and architects and construction firms have nothing left behind to build this great structure live long.

Story by Dr. Devanshu Pandit, professor at CEPT University

April 29, 2019