About us

About Us

Lots of topics are FREE for you or your team to develop stronger skills.

In order to test the understanding of the subject matter, we have grouped few topics together to compile a course; which are subscription based. The course registration, offers additional benefits such as access to worksheets, PDF documents, and real-world examples through videos and photo gallery.

We have also partnered with companies to provide specific knowledge such as equipment operations and maintenance, specialized procedures (eg. rebaring), etc.

Registering for a course will help your team get specialize knowledge in the whole subject area, providing confidence, and gaining knowledge of individual concepts within a subject area. By taking self-evaluation tests upon completion of courses, it will ensure the niche skills gained by your employees and set your company apart from the rest.



Because you have visited this website, it says you care about your people and want to help them make a lasting impact at your organization. While some companies focus on improving only the ‘Operational Processes’, your organization also need to boost competitiveness and gain efficiencies through employee performance improvements.


Today’s employees and companies are feeling the pinch as:

  • Disengagement is high
  • Retention is low
  • Employees feel they don’t have strong work culture

Along with a salary, People WANT:

  • Sense of Purpose – Meaningful work
  • Seek Progress
  • Wants to Learn if given a chance

Learning Methodology

  • Standard Job and Task Courses: Provide useful knowledge that can be applied directly to work.
  • Micro learning – Smaller, more targeted learning. Each topic is broken into small components for easy remembrance and learning.
  • Self-Paced: Modules can be accessed through mobile and tablet friendly courses.
  • Have Pre and Post Training Components: Self-preparation, Self-assessment and follow-up modules helps improve self-performance
  • Videos: Actual work activity videos help achieve effective learning outcome

Learning Technology

  • Our training content is tightly focused on bringing the highest value skill development possible through strategies that include:
  • Web-Based Off the Self-e-learning: Offer courses in pre-existing content. Our common subject matter you need – great when resources and staff are limited.
  • Web-based Custom designed e-learning: Creating custom content that matches your culture, audience and subject matter.
  • Instructor-led Training: Traditional method of having a classroom-type environment. We will work with your Project Managers to ensure that the curriculum is built around your needs.
  • At-Site Computer Aided Learning:
  • Nos of Times played
  • Time duration