eLearning for your Construction Firm

Published On 7/5/2021
Author : Naman Shah

The construction industry is traditional and conventional, as it should be when you're dealing with a true engineering profession and people's lives are on the table. As a result, it isn't famous for following the new trends and short-term fads.

Which is fortunate, because eLearning is neither a fad nor a passing trend. Not just because it's a proven technology that's been around for a few decades and is used by any Fortune 100 company, but also because it's basically only a version in the age-old tradition of teaching and educating.

Every business, of course, requires training and education of its employees. It's also a good match for today's dynamic construction industry because it can help boost training productivity while keeping costs down.

Particularly now that the complexity that construction companies must manage is at an all-time high, with complex regional and national rules and regulations to follow, plus a handful of special regulations related to things like environmental factors, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Construction companies may use eLearning to prepare their employees to navigate this increasingly dynamic environment efficiently and cost-effectively. Construction firms reap the following benefits by using eLearning for employee training:

Flexible time tables

Employees may learn at their own rate, taking advantage of downtime between tasks or between stages of a project (even if such down-time is difficult to predict in advance, e.g. due to delays in supply lines or permit acquisition). This is in contrast to traditional classroom-based learning, in which lessons are held remotely, are inflexible, and must be planned in advance.

Cost Cutting

As compared to conventional class room based learning, eLearning has the power to lower cost to a very huge magnitude, with savings increases as the number of students increases.

You don't have to manage or book a school to offer courses in, and you don't have to pay for employee travel expenses for eLearning-based training (which in some cases can include plane fares and hotel stays).

You won't need too many trainers because a single eLearning site will accommodate thousands of students with only one or two teachers monitoring it.

Central Deployment

Large construction companies may work in several locations, in different cities and even in different countries.

Such companies can use eLearning to deliver training to multiple locations while maintaining central control, all while using a single implementation that their IT department can easily manage, track, and protect.

This allows construction firms to keep their entire staff up to date with the most recent rules and regulations, which is particularly useful in enforcement training.

In comparison to prepared classroom based lectures and printed textbooks, central, web-based implementation often makes updating eLearning material simpler and more cost efficient, which is significant given that construction codes and regulations are regularly modified, and new techniques and construction materials may be required for specific employment.

Managers may keep track of classes, groups of learners, or even individual workers across all of their sites and divisions, and even automatically grant specific certifications upon successful completion of a course or series of courses, thanks to the advanced monitoring capabilities of an LMS like eFront.


Lastly, an eLearning management system can be used for employee induction (also known as "onboarding"), which is the process of welcoming new employees to their workplace and providing them with the basic knowledge they need to begin working productively.

This knowledge covers the construction company's operating procedures, rules, restrictions, and guidelines, as well as the increasingly relevant professional ethics and sexual and racial harassment issues education.


In today's dynamic construction environment, eLearning will help reduce costs while also improving training effectiveness.

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