Training of Employees through eLearning

Published On 04/09/2021
Author : Lipi Shah

It’s an interesting time for the Indian construction industry. Infrastructure growth has been growing steadily. Construction investment in India accounts for more than 12% of GDP and is forecast to rise at a rate of more than 6% per year. With too much work to be done, the building industry faces many problems, including efficiency, efficiency, safety, and technology adoption. In order to face the above challenges, it is critical to teach the necessary skills and share best practices. 

The eLearning industry is expanding as a result of the growth of BYJUS. Via online seminars, there are eLearning portals that offer skill-enhancing and training programmes on realistic facets of the building that are relevant to site-related jobs. The skill-building activities have a significant and observable effect on on-site success and job planning.

The content of education contributes to the construction industry's workforce's expertise and skills being leveraged and enhanced. It offers formal preparation and instruction to the whole employees by creating, implementing, and/or managing training programs. 

E-Learning courses would have the following features:

  1. Core Construction Knowledge: Courses have a standardized curriculum that covers all subject matters.
  2. Real site photos: Lectures provide interactive videos of actual site photos that help visualize each subject matter, making it easier to learn and maintain information.
  3. Experienced Faculty: Business experts designed the courses. The courses have the most up-to-date skills required for success in the construction industry.
  4. Micro-learning: Micro-learning courses are made up of 5 to 8-minute lessons. This skill-based lectures are tailored for short-term learning.
  5. Multi-Lingual: The lecture audio and video are available in a variety of languages.
  6. Smartphone friendly – With mobile connectivity, the web-based portal is smartphone-friendly.

E-Learning training can be accomplished in three easy steps:

  • Log in on the website portal (
  • Select the course (e.g. Concrete, Masonry, Reinforcement, Shuttering, Plumbing, much more) & Start Learning
  • Take assessment quiz & get certified

How eLearning Works?

  1. Project Manager identifies on-site skill gaps or aligns courses with site responsibilities
  2. Participants access training using their phone.
  3. Courses are multi-lingual and accessible 24x7, anytime, Anywhere
  4. Learn – Course compiled by experts from India’s top contractors.
  5. Visualize – Educate by Engaging Video lecture which is simple and easy to understand and remember forever
  6. Within 2 weeks, with only less than 10 minutes/day, learn at your speed, and get confident in Subject Matter
  7. Test - Give an exam to test your knowledge. Get certified!
  8. Revise – Access courses whenever needs arise

Productivity would be critical in increasing a market, given increasing commodity and labor prices, labor shortages, intensified competition, and declining profit margins. New protection laws, RERA, and GST tax amendments are only a few of the new rules and regulations that company owners must be aware of. Construction e-Learning training services that are convenient, personalized, and need-based, we conclude, can improve efficiency, minimize rework, reduce resource waste, and encourage a healthy working community. Overall, e-learning would be a very cost-effective method of professional creation and will aid in the resolution of business issues.


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