Digitization of Construction Industry

Published On 04/16/2021
Author : Mirali Thakkar

The construction industry is among one of the least organized, and digitalized industries.  Construction projects are varied in size and complexity.  A lot of challenges on a project regarding safety, quality, material wastages, labour efficiency, can be improved when using construction technologies such as Site Management software. 
With the right technology, you can monitor, analyze and understand what’s happening at your construction site and make more informed decisions when needed. You will know exactly what has been built and how much is complete.  

The challenges in the construction industry to adopting new technologies are:

  1. Lack of staff to support the technology implementation

  2. Cost constraints (recently, the subscriptions prices have gone down drastically)

  3. Employee and project team member’s hesitance to provide transparency 

  4. Lack of technical knowledge can be beneficial. 

  5. Culture – Resistance in adopting new technologies. 

The site team and construction workers need to know, that both quality and safety are everyone’s responsibilities.  They need to understand how their everyday work and role is evolving and changing in accordance with technology and its role in helping improve the company’s overall performance.  People need to educate themselves that construction technologies are meant to make peoples’ work-life smarter – not to make them obsolete for the industry. Every person within construction should have an opportunity to learn, develop and make decisions based on real events.  Training and educating people will increase their knowledge of the new technology opportunities but ultimately culture will be a page-turner of encouraging people towards collaboration, trust, and commitment. A result of the culture of trust and transparency embraced by technology is to work together smoothly and collaboratively without silos.

The urgency towards digitalization
Digitalization is a game-changer to increase effectively also on an operational level. Currently, industry players are still confused and hesitant about change and new technologies.  The digitalization of construction projects offers: 

  1. Various ways to decrease costs and delays
  2. Increase safety and minimize the environmental impact 
  3. Improve communication with everyone and everything

The need for getting your company digitized is of uttermost importance. 

  1. Analyzing the pros and cons of existing paperwork systems and employees required to maintain these processes.

  2. Will current workflow methods support the growth you wish for your company?

  3. How you can involve your employees more efficiently in your growth

  4. Choose software that offers more than a technological solution